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The Mazzucchelli Story

Nature provides us with the most amazing art. Nothing seems more amazing to me than the beauty of crystals and gemstones.

I have one simple aim - to develop a number of exquisite, stylish, sophisticated, high quality crystal based jewellery collections, and a selection of home decor pieces to incorporate into home styling, using inspiration from Internationally acclaimed designers such as Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler, and of cause our very own Aussie Christopher Boots. From lighting, decorative platters and bowls, to objects of art, these are amazing features in any home decor style..

My family has been involved in the business of jewellery since 1903, starting the first Mazzucchelli’s Jewellery store in Kalgoorlie during the Gold Rush Era. The huge network of gemstone quality crystal suppliers accumulated during this time enable me to secure individual, bespoke, impeccable quality crystals that are not available to just anyone. I also provide a custom sourcing service, for those of you that have something special in mind.

But most of all, my aim is to remove the “stigma” attached to “healing crystals”, and show the world that these really are the most magnificent art pieces to display at home, at work, or to purchase as unique symbolic gifts that will be remembered forever. They have long been associated with having metaphysical qualities, you can believe they do or not. But you cannot argue that they make a standout impression, nature’s very own masterpiece within every single crystal.



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